Kostrzewa Executive Advisory, Kilchberg ZH

ADKAR: make the solution work NOW!

Hooray, the new kitchen finally implemented. I am not a better cook though. Neither is my partner.

True, we did watch Jamie Oliver. However, this did not improve our cooking – only our desire. Which is good! Getting to the next level requires walking up the stairs of ADKAR: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. In our case AWARENESS was the easy part, since we moved into an appartment with an old kitchen. It was fun to acquire the solution, the new kitchen.

New kitchen being implemented, me and my partner do have truly a DESIRE to cook better, healthier food – thanks to Jamie. Now we realized that we lacked the KNOWLEDGE and ABILITY to utilize the solution to its full potential. We decided to engage a personal cook. To REINFORCE the personal cook was paid in advance for a set period of time. Finally, we are getting somewhere.

Of course, we could have done most of this in advance of buying the solution, the kitchen. But life intervened. Nevertheless, we do a good job of post-integration to make the solution work now: adopt, utilize, become proficient. At hindsight I realized that this is ADKAR and Change Management at work. Thank you Prosci®.